About Us

AM General Trading is a home grown family owned and operated business founded on trust, integrity, and respect.

About us

Our Vision

At AM General Trading, our vision is to become the best transport vehicle supplier of east Africa with the capacity and expertise to solve the regions transportation woes in a sustainable way.

Our Mission

To satisfy the needs of our customers by building our capacity in vehicle supply and assembly, and leveraging technology for quality and efficiency. We believe the best for AM General Trading is yet to come.

Our Values

Our values center around our customers. We value integrity in our interactions with our customers, employees, and partners. We value quality, accountability, transparency, and sustainibility in operations.

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Who We Are

AM General Trading was founded by Mr. Ahmednaji Muktar in 2006 GC, more than 17 years ago.

AM General Trading is an Ethopian auto distributor and assembler, probably one of the top five largest in nationwide auto sales. Based in Diredawa and Addis Ababa, it was founded by Ahmednaji Muktar in 2006 GC. Over the years since its founding, AM General Trading has become one of the most profitable companies in Ethiopia, as well as being one of the few to survive the ups and downs of Ethiopia's economic turmoils. Still a family-controlled company, AM General Trading has been in continuous family control for over 17 years. AM General Trading currently distributes a range of vehicles, from two-wheeled motorcycles to heavy commercial trucks such as those by Isuzu.

A Path Marked by Achievements

A variety of achievements mark our company’s journey: from its humble founding, selling only one product, to the national player we are today. Throughout the years, we have expanded our product mix, introduced several new transport vehicles to the Ethopian market, and continously expanded our footprint through organic growth. During this time, our valued and dedicated employees have contributed to our success. The awards we have received from our partners, the government, and our community are a testament to that successs.

Here are a select few of our milestones

  • 1999 E.C Opened our very first office in Diredawa
  • 2003 E.C Delivered out major distribution project to the Ministry of Revenue.
  • 2005 E.C Opened a sales office in a major market for our products.
  • 2012 E.C Started distribution of our very first locally assembled three-wheeled vehicles.
  • 2013 E.C Recognized by the mayor of Diredawa, Mr. , for community contributions.

Dedication to Our Community

We recognize that our success will not be possible without the community around us. In addition to our sustainable model and the economic impact of our business success in the local community, AM General Trading has been recognized repeatedly for our involvement in the community.

  • 2013 EC, Addis Ababa Award by Prime Minister of Ethiopia, as Best Federal Tax Paying organization
  • 2022 EC, Adama Best business and banking partner, Oromia Bank
  • 2021 GC, Diredawa Ministry of Revenue, recognizing exemplary tax paying organization
  • 2020 GC, Diredawa Certificate of appreciation, 2nd top tax payer in the city
  • 2013 EC, Diredawa In appreciation of the organization's community contributions in disaster relief efforts
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Mr. Obsa Ahmednaji

General Manager

AM General Trading has been consistenty delivering increasing profits while building a solid foundation for the company's future. Despite the challenging business environment in Ethiopia in the last three years, my focus remains to be sustaining this profitability while expanding the company's EV market share and its manufacturing capacity. I believe it is here where our future lies.

The continuing global oil price increase fueled by regional conflicts and the Ethiopian government's decision to lift fuel subsidies completely by 2023 puts pressure on our company to meet the demands of our customers for cost efficient vehicles. Thus, we must continue to meet current demand for gasoline powered vehicles while at the same time looking into the future and expanding our market in electric powered automobiles. The expected completion of the GERD is expected to exceed electricity demand in the country - yet another bright future for our EV operations.

The core objective of our 2024 corporate strategy centers around building the capacity of our company in manufacturing and assembly. The inspiration for this goal is rooted in our vision of building our capacity in order to meet the demands of the east African region. By increasing our technical capability, we aim to create great value for our customers, our community, and our employees.

We are grateful for the continuing support of our employees, our partners, and our community. We look forward to working with all of you to create a better tomorrow.


Introducing the team that makes success possible.

Obsa Ahmednaji

General Manager

Mesfin Abebe

Deputy General Manager

Mekonnen Ashine

Finance and Administration

Robsen Ahmednaji

Director of Sales

Proudcts & Services

What we do well

Vehicle & Trucks

We supply brand new cars and trucks, including electric vehicles.

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Auto Assembly

Cost and import delivery time weighing you down? Try our locally assembled vehicles.

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Service and Parts

Our professional service technicians will help you avoid downtimes. Contact us for more.

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Why AM General Trading?

Because we have more than 17 years of experience in the sale and servicing of a veriety of automobiles: from motorcycles to heavy commercial trucks. Over the years we have built our capacity and our organization around delivering an efficient customer service with the aim of building long term relationships. We have built our company for the long term and we will be with you every step of your needs.

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Here is what our customers say about us.

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ECO, Oromia Bank

Recognizing your committed business partnership with our bank and your significant contribution.

testimonial image


Director, Diredawa City Administration Revenue Authority

In appreciation of ranking 2nd position for cumulative result in achieving your responsibility honestly to the contribution of tax collection performance for the budget year of 2018.

testimonial image

04 Kebele Furi Administration

Sebeta City, Oromia Region

For your community support in your significant donation for the effort to help draught stricken Ethiopians.

testimonial image

Customs Commission

Ministry of Revenue

Expressing our gratitude regarding your performance in the 2013 EC budget year, paying your duties and taxes to the Adama Customs branch office. Issued in gratitude.

testimonial image

07 Wereda Administration

Kolfe Keranio Subcity, Addis Ababa

For your generous contribution to communities around the country that were ravaged by war. Thank you!


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